OnLine Mixing

Just drop us your file files/stems and we'll do the rest

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OnLine Mastering

Finished your mix but it's not what you expected for? Send it to us for the final touch.

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OnLine Editing/Sound Restoration

Your old recordings is full of noise...? We can fix it.

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Make your recordings be and sound professional.

Mix, Mastering, Editing, Sound restoration, Audio syncronization. Try our service and if you don't like the result, its free!

Sound Big

Did you record in a super professional studio but you can't afford the way too expensive mix? Did you mix but you can't afford the expensive mastering process? You can't even afford a studio and you recorded in your friend's garage? There is an approach to every different situation and a guarantee for a professional and quality result. And what is better, as a new service, you can try our service for free and if you don't like them, no obligation or money wanted. Cool, no? Do you need to clear a sound from scratches or hiss? Or sync an audio with video? Drop as a line.